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Molly and I sure had a fantastic time out fishing with you -- thanks again for doing such a wonderful job teaching Molly how to cast, and teaching me the how to hook a Musky... If only it hadn't shaken the hooks out! OH GEEZ! If you ever need a recommendation, I would give you an A++ in a second. You really are a fantastic guide.


Even if we never cross paths again, you've made two friends for life


Sincerely and THANKS AGAIN :) :) :)


Dustin & Molly Silva




Hi Darrin,


Just wanted to say thanks for the great fishing trip, it was worth every penny. I know Al will be booking at day with his son and of course with me as well. I can still feel the weight and power of that Musky. I wanted to send you my e-mail address if you are able to send me a picture of my big catch. You can count on me again for next year around the same time. October is the perfect time, weather isn't too cold and the fishing is always better then as well.


Thanks again!


10/24/2010 Brian Stephan





I would like to thank you for the enjoyable two bookings I had with you this fall. Being new to the Eau Claire WI area I did not have any input or referrals on you. I found you on the internet, a place that I do not put much stock in. Your web page was well put together so I called and after talking to you decided to book you. I have fished with many musky guides, some who were self proclaimed and some that were real pros. In other words I have through trial and error come to learn what a musky guide should be and do. You are a musky guide!


I often have said that booking a guide is like a blind date or hiring a caddy for the first time. It could turn out to be a complete disaster. With the bill still presented at the end.


In this business of musky fishing there are two things that come, as no one should get in the boat and expect to catch a fish: 1) Being prepared, and 2) knowing good water. In my book that is what should be expected. You provide both.


To novices at the sport I would say:


1) Darrin will by far teach you more about the sport of musky fishing than most guides you could hire.

2) Bring [a] good back and determination because that is what it takes. It is just part of the sport.




Ted Hanson





Thank you so much for helping make the Outdoor Adventures a great success. Even though the numbers were not where we had hoped they would be, we served 80 some people for supper... Several commented about your seminar as their favorite; so all in all, we are thankful for your input in making this a successful outreach. God bless. How about that snow storm?


Kept in Jesus,

Randy Schussman, Pastor



Thanks for a great time on Saturday! Dan thought it was the best birthday gift ever - and something he wants to do every year! Here are some photos from the day.


Thanks again!


Tracey Citron