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Number 1 item not to forget is POLARIZED sunglasses.  Proper clothing for the day - it might rain or snow!  Refreshments or your favorite snacks - You get hungry when fishing.  Your smartphone to take pictures so you can text people pictures of your fish.  A Wisconsin Fishing License - click here to buy on line.  A Positive Fishing Attitude!




An awesome fishing experience with awesome guides that have great fishing attitudes!  Boat, motor, life jackets, rods, reels, depth finders, artificial lures and most importanlty knowledge of the lake that we are fishing.



If we stop for lunch who buys?  Client usually buys the lunch for themselves and guide. 


Can I bring my own rod and reels?  Absolutely, just let us know ahead of time so we can plan for space.  (Same thing goes for lures.)


Who buys the live bait when live bait is used?  The client.  Specifically when Musky suckers are used.  (Receipts can be provided)


Do you take credit cards?  Yes.  The credit card transaction fee will be applied to your guide trip fee.   (Cash is always best option)


Can I bring a third person on my guide trip?  Depends, please ask us first.  3 people casting musky baits in a 20' boat gets a little scary.


Do you sell gift certifcates?  Yes.  Give us a call or shoot us an email with the details.


Do you guarantee catching fish?  No.  We do guarantee that you will have a "GREAT" guided fishing experience.


Do you fish in the rain?  Absolutely!  If it starts to lighting it is your call when we stop fishing.